Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are we looking for in job candidates?

    We look for educators who are committed to transforming urban education, and capable of helping our scholars to achieve breakthrough results. We recruit candidates from both traditional and non-traditional routes. In particular, great candidates:

    • Constantly seek out opportunities to improve their practice
    • Demonstrate alignment with our mission and core values
    • Have outstanding instructional and classroom management skills
    • Go out of their way to support colleagues, students and families
    • Believe that every child can meet high academic expectations
  • What are the working hours for school-based staff?

    Our students often come to us several grade levels behind in core subjects. An extended school day and school year make sure that teachers and students have the time and attention they need to achieve exceptional results. School days at Scholar Academies generally last 8 to 9 hours, with the exact hours differing by region and campus:

    • All Philadelphia and Trenton schools – 7:30am to 4:30pm
    • DC Scholars Public Charter School – 7:15am to 4:15pm
    • DC Scholars Stanton Elementary – 8:30am to 4pm
    • All Memphis schools – 8am to 4pm

    Outside of the standard workday, teachers also participate in periodic professional development opportunities with their peers.

    We know our teachers give their all, and we make sure they have as much time as possible during work hours to get it all done. Group planning time and our strong adult culture make collaboration easier and more effective than it is at many other schools. Most of our schools devote a half-day to professional development each Friday, so that teachers can take a step back from their work to learn and reflect on their practice.

  • What salary and benefits do new employees receive?

    We ensure that our salaries are competitive for each local market. In addition, all full-time employees receive generous health insurance and retirement benefit packages.

  • What are the certification requirements for new teachers?

    All new teachers must be Highly Qualified, according to the standards of the state in which they teach. In most of our schools, state governments require all teachers to be on the path to formal licensure in their state. (For experienced out-of-state educators, this often means applying for reciprocity with their new state agency.)

    Please see the following websites for more details on certification requirements in PA, NJ, DC and TN

  • Can you describe the Scholar Academies approach to culture, management and discipline?

    Sweating the small stuff is central to our students’ success. Our high-expectations school culture teaches ownership and accountability based on our PATH Values: Professional/Prepared, Attentive, Thoughtful and Hardworking. These core values set scholars on the P.A.T.H. to college-prep high schools and the world beyond.

    All of our schools have a character education program, centered on the PATH values, that builds intrinsic motivation and accountability for learning. Additionally, each campus in our network uses unique school-based practices. For example, our Scholar Dollars paycheck system is a tool used in grades 3-8 to reinforce and redirect student choices. Teachers track additions and deductions in real time, according to clear, consistent behavioral expectations.

    In grades K-2, our staff members monitor student behavior using a color-coded Choices Meter, which serves as a visual and tangible reminder of students’ progress throughout each day. Students’ paycheck balances and Choices Meter colors are tied to daily and weekly rewards as well as quarterly school events or outings (e.g. movies, skating trips, etc.).

  • How does Scholar Academies serve students who face academic, social or behavioral challenges but who do not qualify for special education services or a 504 Service Agreement?

    In addition to our strong team of student support staff, our network also uses a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework to provide a multi-tiered approach to the identification and support of students who face academic, social and behavioral challenges. High quality instruction and an intervention period serve the majority of our students in the general education classroom. For students who struggle, diagnostic assessments, evidence-based academic interventions, direct instruction and regular progress monitoring are used to facilitate student achievement.

  • Can I visit a Scholar Academies school?

    All teaching candidates who are invited for in-person interviews have the opportunity to tour a Scholar Academies school. During these interviews, candidates also have the opportunity to teach a sample lesson and receive direct feedback from school leaders. (Please click here to learn more about our application process.)

    In addition, our schools hold periodic open houses for visitors, which are featured on our events calendar.

  • How long will it take to complete the online job application?

    After you create a profile on our job portal (including a username and password), it takes most candidates 20-30 minutes to complete our online application. You will be invited to upload your resume and, for instructional candidates, a sample lesson plan.

  • Can I submit my resume to Scholar Academies to be considered for future job openings?

    Yes! Even if we don’t have a current opening that fits your interests, we are still interested in hearing from you. Submit your resume for general consideration, and we will let you know about future opportunities that are a fit with your interests and experience.