Across four cities, our communities trust us to provide their children with an outstanding public education. Here’s how we’re living up to this essential promise and building safe, engaging and successful schools:

Significant Growth

Turnaround relies on steady, incremental change to make significant gains. Prior to Scholar Academies’ partnership with DC Public Schools, Stanton Elementary was the second-lowest performing elementary school in the District of Columbia. Since fall 2010, Stanton scholars have consistently grown academically and, as a result, in 2014 DC Scholars Stanton became the first elementary school in DC to exit federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act “priority” status. While we are still working hard at Stanton to achieve our ambitious goals, scholars there have shown significant growth in Math and Reading over the past three years, putting them on track to outpace other DCPS students in future years.

Stanton Growth on DC CAS vs DCPS & DC, SY11-SY14

Pursuit of Excellence

Young Scholars Charter School, our flagship campus, demonstrates that the success we drive toward in each of our schools is achievable. In 2014, Young Scholars Charter School was named the #4 public school in Philadelphia, according to the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile. Young Scholars Charter School has also been the highest performing high-poverty school in the State of Pennsylvania two years running. All of our schools are on track to achieve the success YSCS has already experienced and we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence for all scholars.

Philadelphia School Performance Profile Scores

Effective Leaders & Committed Teachers
Outstanding teachers and leaders are at the heart of great schools and help us to maintain consistent culture for students, build strong relationships in our communities, and grow academically each year. Staff retention and leadership development are deeply important to us, and we are thrilled that our teachers and leaders consistently return to our schools year after year. In 2014, Young Scholars Charter School retained 100% of teachers, and 86% of DC Scholars Stanton staff members returned for the 2014-15 school year. Across our network, four out of our six 2015-16 School Directors were promoted from other roles within our schools, two of our three regional Executive Directors previously served as Scholar Academies School Directors, and nearly 20% of our Home Office staff previously held school-based roles with SA.

A High Quality Neighborhood Option

Turnaround schools provide great public school options for all community children, and are in high parent demand. After two years under Scholar Academies’ leadership, enrollment at Young Scholars Kenderton Charter School has increased by over 40%. Families in the Kenderton catchment area that once chose to send their children to schools outside their neighborhood are now actively selecting Young Scholars. We are proud to see families demonstrating their approval of Scholar Academies and excitement around participating in our school community.

Safer School Communities

Student safety is central to positive, high-performing school environments. Prior to our involvement at Paul Robeson Charter School, staff reported at least three physical altercations between students each week. In 2014-15, just one incident of this kind was reported. Physical altercations and other serious incidents are a rarity in our culture, as represented by our Pennsylvania School Safety Reports.

*according to Pennsylvania School Safety Reports
**reported by staff