We transform low-performing schools so that every child has the knowledge and character to pursue the path to college and opportunities beyond.


Our vision is for all children to have access to a high quality public education that challenges them to believe that anything is possible and equips them with the tools to actualize their dreams.

What is Turnaround?

Turnaround is partnering with communities. Turnaround is reimagining what is possible. Turnaround brings excellence to schools that need it most, and it is our purpose.

Effective school turnaround transforms chronically low-performing schools into safe, academically rigorous (educational) havens where children learn, grow, and are equipped with the tools they need to pursue the path to college. While turning around historically low performing schools is difficult work, turnaround creates a platform that enables fundamental and rapid changes to the conditions that drive student achievement.

Instead of closing schools and disrupting neighborhoods, we work in tandem with host communities to revitalize their schools and drive educational excellence. The transformational shifts brought by Scholar Academies include installing stronger leaders supported by effective leadership teams, increasing student learning time, improving instructional quality, using data to more effectively drive decision making at all levels, and implementing an achievement-oriented school culture for students and adults. Ultimately, we believe that school turnaround is the most impactful avenue for affecting the kind of lasting, widespread change that our education system needs. For this reason we have chosen to focus exclusively on school turnaround in our future endeavors.

Learn more about our school model and results to see turnaround in action.